Expand your range.
Increase sales revenues.

With the best products from Esbit:

  • High level of end-user demand
  • Outstanding quality & practical design
  • Make the most of our uniquely diverse range
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What makes our products so unique and so desirable?

Innovation. Quality & Design. Utility.

Vacuum flasks

Food jugs

Water bottles

Travel mugs

Cooksets for solid fuel

Cooksets with alcohol burner

Cook- and tableware


Charcoal grills

Solid fuel

Regardless of whether a product is used in everyday life, during sports and outdoor activities, at home or in extreme professional situations, that sets them apart:

The simplicity of the design language makes our products so attractive and user-friendly.

The high-quality premium crafts­manship makes our pro­ducts so reliable and versatile in use.

The use of high quality materials makes our products so resilient.

The many added values make our products so innovative.

Esbit is an established German brand with a long tradition.
Innovative, simple, useful. Since 1936.

We have always attached great importance to quality since the invention of our pocket stove and solid fuel in 1936. Following this engineering finesse, we have consistently expanded our product portfolio. Our outdoor products provide customers with security which they can rely on at any time.

It is the simplicity of our innovative products that makes them so user-friendly.

A summary of the benefits of Esbit for you:

We have the right product to meet every retailer's needs.

Whether it’s for use outdoors, for sports / fitness, home / lifestyle or for cycling, we provide you with the right products for any sector.

This is what you can expect from Esbit:

  • We are the winners when it comes to value for money
  • A comprehensive range because of our wide product portfolio
  • High demand for Esbit products from end users
  • Outstanding quality & practical design

This is what you get from a partnership with us:

  • Increased sales revenues because of our wide product range
  • Customer loyalty from cross-selling effects
  • Satisfied customers because of the high level of innovation
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Our mission.
Made to survive.

Our customers are modern heroes. In their outdoor activities, they always face personal adventures and have a specific goal that they want to achieve.

Esbit helps these customers to be more independent in these adventures. Our products provide many useful added values, are innovative and thus give a better performance.

Doing well, by doing Good Business.

Our principles:
Respect and fellowship.

Working with us, you can expect fair terms and conditions and a completely worry-free package for retailers. Which is exactly what you would expect from a successful traditional brand. We are a family-run company, founded in Hamburg and now owned by the third generation of the family. This long-standing tradition places us under an obligation. We know what our partners need and what particular requirements have to meet in the tough outdoor conditions in which they are used.

Therefore, the cornerstones of our company are respect for the achievements of our customers and towards our business partners, the high quality demand on our products and long-term orientated acting and thinking.

We offer short delivery times and particularly fair terms.

Kind regards, Philip & Robert Paap

Sounds good? Let's talk about your business success with Esbit.

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A partnership with lots of advantages:

Good reasons to choose Esbit.

Quality assurance is an important cornerstone of our work.

We therefore regularly carry out conformity tests with partners such as SGS or Eurofins and, of course, quality controls in the Far East by local staff and partners such as Buero Veritas and SGS.

Our Esbit solid fuel is manufactured in Germany according to ISO 9001:2015.

Many years of experience.

Esbit is a well-established German brand that is able to look back on 80 years of experience in the international field.

Long-standing partnerships.

Our long-standing tradition brings important obligations with it. Esbit represents continuity. Our aim has always been to establish longstanding, sustained partnerships, and it still is. This applies for our customers and for our suppliers and service-providers alike.


From Hamburg and China throughout the world. Thanks to our logistically well situated warehouse in Hamburg, delivery routes within Europe are short.

We are also able to plan and handle overseas shipping quickly and efficiently. We also supply our overseas customers directly from China.

Our sales and purchasing markets.

Sales markets

Africa, America, Asia, Europe

Purchasing markets

Europe, China

Solid fuel production plant

Germany, Verden an der Aller

Our commitment to sustainability

For a better world

Our vision is a future in which there is significantly less waste and where materials are always optimally reused. That is why we are active in many areas and with our products encourage our customers to use natural resources more consciously.

Less waste

Every Esbit customer actively contributes to protecting the environment by using our products. Our thermo mugs, cutlery, drinking bottles and food jugs make paper cups, plastic cutlery, plastic bottles and takeaway-boxes redundant.

Sustainability – our product design

The use of components that can be used for several articles represents an ecological advantage and also offers advantages and flexibility in use.

Free and sustainable trade

As a member of amfori, the world’s leading business association for open and sustainable trade, we consistently take responsibility for protecting the environment and for fair working conditions and ethical business practices.

Made to Survive

The selection of high-quality materials and high-quality standards help ensure that Esbit products can be used in the long term and thus sustainably.

Made in Germany

Our solid fuel tablets have been produced in Germany for decades.


But we are also active on a small scale:

For example, we only use green electricity in our offices and rely on digital archiving instead of conventional order files which allows our printers many hours of downtime.

A marketing plus for a good partnership.

Our marketing support for your success.

We gladly provide you with additional tools and support to help you achieve your sales goals. This includes, among other things, texts, images and product information that can be useful for you to ideally present the brand on your own channels. In addition, we ensure increasing demand in the market with our own intelligently interconnected marketing and sales measures. Look forward to a growing customer base and high enthusiasm for your product range!

Product Images and Texts

We work with high-quality product images and emotional application photos. Constantly, we expand our pool of images with the help of selected photographers who showcase our products in the best possible light. We are happy to provide more product information, such as performance descriptions, dimensions or product ideas.

PR & Social Media Marketing

Esbit is active on several social media platforms and in numerous communities. Thereby, we work together with brand ambassadors and advocates, post exciting news and articles, and practical tips for better adventures. We also work together with numerous journalists for public relations, which allows us to continually increase awareness of the brand and our products.

Convincing Sales Literature

With the right overviews and information on product benefits at hand, you can advise your customers even better. Therefore, we are happy to support you with additional sales literature for you and your team.

Editorial collaboration

Press Area

In our press area you will find an overview of current reports and information about the company Esbit Compagnie GmbH. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our contact person for PR and marketing:

Julia Bewerunge

Head of Marketing Communications

Esbit Compagnie GmbH
Zippelhaus 3
20457 Hamburg

E-Mail: julia.bewerunge(at)esbit.de

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